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Having a bad toothache? Is your toothache keeping you awake? If you need emergency dental care, Top Dental is here for you. Severe toothache and other dental emergencies such as tooth fracture, dental abscess and pus discharge associated with an oral infection need immediate attention, and you can always call us at (956) 618-5811 to schedule your appointment.

toothache deep cavity

The most common cause of tooth pain is a deep cavity damaging the nerve inside the tooth.

  • lingering pain on hot or cold
  • spontaneous pain without any external stimulus
  • Nocturnal pain at night

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, you most likely have a deep cavity invading the nerve inside the tooth. If this is the case, you either need to get root canal therapy to save the tooth or that offending tooth needs to be removed to prevent the infection from spreading into your jawbone.

Common Dental Emergencies We Treat At Top Dental

  • Severe toothache due to a large cavity
  • Abscess or swelling from an infected tooth
  • Pain from an erupting or impacted wisdom tooth(pericoronitis)
  • Loose teeth
  • Bleeding and swollen gum
  • Broken or chipped teeth
  • Crown or bridge that came off
  • Swollen face due to a spreading infection

Dr. Baek and his competent staff will take an excellent care of your dental emergency in a timely matter with minimum discomfort. If you are experiencing any of the above dental problems, call us now at (956) 618-5811.

Emergency Root Canal Therapy

You can have a severe toothache due to a deep invading the nerve inside the tooth.  In this case, the only way to save the tooth is by performing root canal therapy on the tooth. Dr.Baek uses the most current technology to perform root canal with minimum pain and you will save your tooth for many more years.

Emergency Tooth Extraction

Sometime it becomes necessary to extract a tooth when it is severely damaged beyond repair. Dr. Baek will safely and efficiently remove the tooth to prevent infection and relieve pain with minimum discomfort. Call us now at (956) 618-5811 for further information or to schedule an appointment.