How Do I Select the Best Family Dentist for My Teeth Whitening?


If you are searching for the best family dentist to brighten your smile through professional teeth whitening treatments, the skilled dental team of Top Dental in McAllen, TX can safely remove surface stains while whitening your teeth by several shades.

What sets Top Dental apart from other dental practices in the Rio Grande Valley is our esteemed dentist, Dr. Joon Baek, who has extensive training in restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Our state-of-the-art dental practice features advanced technology, and our attention to detail and customer care is unmatched in the region. 

An Expert Doctor

Dr. Baek’s extensive training allows him to perform a wide range of dental procedures, including the placement of dental implants. After completing his undergraduate degree in molecular cell biology at the University of California, Berkeley with an emphasis in immunology, he continued his medical training by attending and graduating from the UCLA School of Dentistry in 2011. Even after a decade of professional dental experience, Dr. Baek continues to enroll in continuing education so he has the skillsets to deliver top-quality dental care. Under Dr. Baek’s expertise, you’ll enjoy drastic and predicable cosmetic results after undergoing teeth whitening.

Advanced Dental Technology

Whether you are undergoing teeth whitening or restorative treatments, Top Dental employs the best in dental technology. We have invested in advanced scanners that include 3D CBCT, digital x-ray sensors, and an intraoral digital scanner. Digital images are more accurate, and they present Dr. Baek with a better representation of your mouth. This allows for more timely and accurate diagnoses. Our advanced imaging also allows Dr. Baek to map out your treatments with greater accuracy.

We bring the same attention to detail when whitening teeth as we do when performing complex dental procedures. 

A Gentle Family Dentist Approach

There are many advantages to choosing a family dentist when undergoing teeth whitening. We understand how busy life as a parent can be. That’s one reason our family dentistry practice can schedule multiple members of your family during one visit. If your child is undergoing a cleaning, for example, you can use that time to have your teeth whitened in the room next door. Simply contact our receptionist and let him or her know about your desire to schedule a family visit. 

Comprehensive Dental Services

Some dentists only perform cosmetic treatments while others prefer to place restorations on senior citizens. Dr. Baek performs a wide range of dental procedures, both restorative and cosmetic, for children, teens, adults, and more senior adults. By undergoing your teeth whitening with a dentist who is trained in all areas of general dentistry, you’ll have the benefit of knowing that your dentist can address other areas of your oral health needs. Many of our McAllen patients appreciate the fact that they rarely if ever need to see another dentist for specialized treatment.

Schedule Your Teeth Whitening Treatment Today

We proudly offer professional teeth whitenings that can drastically brighten your teeth in one hour. Our advanced “boost” treatment, delivered under the expert watch of Dr. Baek and our dental team, can be combined with take-home whitening trays to deliver even more drastic results. To schedule your teeth whitening treatment, please contact our office online or call (956) 618-5811.