Custom Dental Night Guards

Protect Your Teeth with a Night Guard from Your McAllen, TX Dentist

It is not uncommon to unconsciously grind your teeth while you sleep. You may be completely unaware of this issue, but your Top Dental dentist may notice wear on your molars or other teeth as a symptom. Other telltale signs include awakening with an aching or sore jaw.

The problem is called bruxism, and it can be brought on by stress, sleep apnea, or other difficulties. So, what is the solution? A custom night guard from Dr. Baek.

A night guard will absorb the pressure from nocturnal teeth grinding, protecting both your teeth and your jaw. But a night guard needs to be made especially for you and the unique features of your mouth. Call us now at (956) 618-5811 for a consultation and schedule your fitting for a protective night guard.