Dental Exams and Cleanings

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Preventive Dental Care to Minimize Problems for Patients in McAllen, TX

Everyone needs a dental visit at least once every six months. The reasons are numerous. Your regular trip to Top Dental gives Dr. Baek and his team the opportunity to clean your mouth thoroughly and professionally, sanitizing your teeth and gums. We will clean bacteria and debris from the areas you simply cannot reach with brushing and flossing.

Secondly, your regular cleaning is also an opportunity for a comprehensive examination. Dr. Baek inspects your mouth and takes radiograph images as needed to ensure there are no current problems or developing issues on the horizon. By getting in front of potential problems before they become serious, you can save yourself from a lot of discomfort and expense.

Finally and perhaps most importantly, your scheduled visit is a great time to report any symptoms you have been noticing or ask any question of Dr. Baek. You know your own mouth better than anyone, and we are partners in your oral health. Together, we can prevent issues and keep your teeth looking and feeling great.

You can set up your appointment now by giving us a call at (956) 618-5811.