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Dental Pain Management in McAllen, TX

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Get a relief from toothache!

   Are you having a toothache? Is your toothache keeping you up at night? A toothache can come unexpectedly and when it comes, it can be extremely painful and you need an immediate relief.  Dr. Baek and his team at Top dental understand the agony of dental emergencies and are well trained to provide the utmost care to relieve your pain in a gentle and timely manner

What are the common causes of dental pain?

Deep cavity approaching the nerve

Dental caries, commonly known as cavities, are basically bacterial invasions, causing loss of tooth structure and eventual inflammation of the nerve(pulp tissue) inside the tooth. If you are experiencing lingering pain on cold or hot, spontaneous pain or nocturnal pain, chances are the nerve of the offending tooth has suffered irreversible pulpitis. This condition requires root canal therapy to preserve the tooth and prevent infection from spreading into your jawbone.

Fractured molar

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