How Do I Select the Best Family Dentist for My Teeth Whitening?

If you are searching for the best family dentist to brighten your smile through professional teeth whitening treatments, the skilled dental team of Top Dental in McAllen, TX can safely remove surface stains while whitening your teeth by several shades. What sets Top Dental apart from other dental practices in the Rio Grande Valley is […]

Tips for Avoiding Dental Emergencies

Some accidents are unavoidable, but many dental emergencies can be avoided by taking special precautionary steps. If you live in or around McAllen, TX and require emergency dental care, Dr. Joon Baek and the team at Top Dental take same-day emergency visits, meaning you can walk in and receive prompt emergency dental care. Our office […]

How Are Porcelain Veneers Placed?

    Are you looking to completely revamp and brighten your smile? Porcelain veneers can deliver drastic cosmetic results that can last for several years or longer. The wafer-thin shells are placed on the front of anterior (visible) teeth at our McAllen, TX dental practice. If you are looking for a trusted dental practice to […]

When Is Root Canal Therapy Necessary?

Root canal therapy repairs the pulp tissue that houses nerves and vessels that provide the vitality of the tooth and consequently preserves a tooth that has become irreversibly infected mostly due to a large decay. During the endodontic treatment, Dr. Joon Baek removes nerves and blood vessels inside the tooth in order to control the […]

Everything You Should Know About Dental Cavities

Dental cavities are small holes that develop on tooth enamel as a result of decay. Also known as dental caries, the areas of decay often result from a combination of factors that could include genetics, diet, the presence of bacteria, and oral hygiene habits. Once formed, a cavity will continue to grow until it is […]

What Are the Benefits of 3D X-Rays?

  Advances in dental technology now allow Dr. Joon Baek to take advanced 3D x-rays of your teeth, jawbones, and supporting structures through the use of advanced dental cone beam computed tomography (CBCT). This form of x-ray provides a hi-resolution, three-dimensional image of your mouth that allows for greater accuracy when diagnosing oral pathology or […]

Prevent Nighttime Teeth Grinding with a Night Guard

Teeth grinding is common, especially among young children who usually outgrow the nighttime habit. Once adult teeth set in, bruxism can result in irreversible damage to the enamel. If adults grind their teeth regularly, the habit can result in chipped or cracked teeth. Bruxism is even a risk factor for TMJ disorder, a condition that […]

How Often Should I Schedule My Dental Cleanings?

The American Dental Association recommends “regular dental visits” in order to maintain optimal oral health. Most dentists recommend twice-a-year visits that include a dental cleaning and exam.  Dr. Joon Baek and the dental team at Top Dental recommend biannual visits to ensure that dental problems are prevented or treated early. If you are looking for […]